Three (…umm..six?) hour tour…

Ahhh! Back on the mountain bike today. Headed down to the sweet singletrack that is the AZT with my number one, Kevin. Even tho I live right here in Tucson, this particular part of trail is so far from home that I have actually never ridden it. So excited about some adventure!

Good Morning!

Adventure it turned out to be! First, while getting ready to ride; a couple a guys actually asked us where the trailhead was…uhh, we don’t know, just assumed it be right here. HaHa! (it was). All was going well, nice tacky singletrack. Fairly flat. Started to get a little rocky and technical, very good..I like this! Off I pop on some giant boulder. Ok, just walk over it. Here is my sign…I fall. While walking my bike. Really?! Who does that?! O well, onward!

We make our way thru Colossal Cave Park and head south. The trail is so well marked, the weather is beautiful and the scenery is really something to write home about ;).

At the Old Spanish Trail head.

We make our way to the Three Bridges (altho in all honesty, I could only find two, so I’m not sure where the three comes in). There are old train tracks and really some fantastic trail leading up to it. Things are going great! This is a ‘just for fun’ ride. No serious efforts, just a nice ride with my hubby. There were a few nice steady climbs to get the legs working and just enough technical stuff to keep things interesting.

Leading into the Three Bridges section

We cross the road and find the next trailhead. This is the Gabe Zimmerman trail in Davidson Canyon. Gabe was a local hiker/mountain biker who worked for Gabby Giffords and was killed last January during the shooting at her rally in Northwest Tucson. There are a few trails and events in his honor around the area. Its a nice tribute.

Or maybe not. Someone (I won’t mention any names) had decided way back at the start of the ride that maybe all that water and food wasn’t really necessary. Well, now that someone is outta food and needs some water to make it back. “Oh, I think that convienent store is just a mile or so up the road.””No, I’m pretty sure it’s alot farther than that.””No, we’re definitely close to it. I need more food and water.””Well, ok then.” And down the road we go. Six miles later, we hit the store. There are a few bikers there (motor heads) and some random guy who’s just talking to anyone that comes into the store. People watching. This is an interesting intersect of lives. We hang out there for like 20 or 25 minutes. “I feel better!””I’m so glad.” And back UP the road we go…into a headwind…on the 12 mile detour. Does this sound like an old sitcom to anyone? Oh, yea, we’re not on a boat.

Once we head back thru the death tunnel, the trail starts heading back up hill. And continues going uphill. For miles. The section back thru Three Bridges is pretty fun coming this way. Definitely a little more work, but probably some of the most interesting parts of the trail. I believe it is starting to get hot. Well, it is 11am, in Tucson, during summer. Getting close to 100 if I had to guess and we’re totally exposed out here. We keep climbing. There is the occasional descent, but not much to create that swamp cooler effect. I’m sure we’re getting closer to our truck, but I know there is still some techy stuff ahead. My water is running low now. Just keep pedaling. Ooo, some shade! I’m just gonna sit here a minute. This is the second time I fall over, while off my bike, and into a cactus. Geez! What the..?! I move on slowly, Micheal Jackson style and find Kevin waiting on me. This is, I might add, is the first time he has had to really wait on me. I think he got more benefit outta that little road-trip to   7-11.  I am over-heated and struggling a bit. I sit under a tiny shade bush again. If I don’t keep moving, I think I might just stay here. He has a little water left and offers me to dump some on my head. Oh my! This helps sooo much! Onward! Albiet, very slow. We finally make it back to the truck. Safe and sound, in one piece (minus a glove) and both of us totally out of water. The truck reads 98 degrees. And some monsoon clouds are starting to appear…its humid.Today I rode 43.8 miles and climbed just over 2,700ft. It took me over 4 hours ride time and almost 5.5 total. Let’s get ice cream!

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