Improving my mental toughness!

Today was field testing…part one.

This is my second test since hiring my coach (and good friend!, Jay Guyot). Just a 3 mile best x2 today (this is actually a very hard workout!). Wanted to get an early start, having a somewhat busy day planned; so I was up at 4:20a. While getting my extremely important cup of joe, I heard it….the torrential downpour. I do still live in Tucson, right?! Seems like monsoon season has just exploded this year! Ok, maybe it’ll stop. Maybe I’ll wait til later. I do really wanna hit my yoga class later this morning…what to do, what to do.

Well, it does stop. It’s too dark to see what the sky looks like. My phone app says it’s cloudy with a 90% chance of rain (call it what it is people…it’s 100% raining!) I’m going for it! What’s a little rain? It’s warm out and I don’t think I’ll melt. I’m out the door at 5:05a.

I love riding in the dark. I don’t know what it is. The rest of the world is sleeping and there is just the sounds of crickets, pedal strokes and my breathing. It’s peaceful. Course, there is the sound of splattering water from my rear tire up the back of my shorts and jersey this morning, also. 🙂

The field test go really well (and a PR on this particular road section!) and not too much trouble with rain until I decide to continue my ride (just to get the extra miles in) up Dove Mt. Why? I don’t know. I was there. Now, if it’s gonna rain, Dove Mt is gonna be the place for it.  I suppose it’s good to practice in such non-ideal conditions sometimes. The road is incredibly wet and I try to stay off the paint and into a lane where the sand hasn’t drifted as much. There is only light traffic, so that’s a plus. I get rained on a little intermitently while climbing, but it’s tolerable…feels kinda good and it’s relieving some of the humidity. On my way back downhill, however; the heavy stuff really starts to come down. It’s hitting me from every angle, seems. From up above and then stinging rain straight into my face and from both tires down below. My glasses come down, can’t really see at this point and I keep reminding myself not to close my eyes. I have one hand up trying to block some of the oncoming rain into my squinted eyes. And altho I’m trying to control my speed, I still like to go fast-so all in all, maybe a bit of a dangerous moment.  I am sure that I was quite a site to those people driving by in their nice dry cars. What is she…nuts?! Yes, and thank you to those moving over just enough not to douse me thru the giant puddles!

Once I got off Dove Mt, the rain ceases and I push my soaking body the rest of the way home. At least it’s still warm out and other than my socks squishing around in my shoes, I feel pretty good about the whole thing.

The mountains are a beautiful site this morning! With rain in and out of the canyons and small rays of sunshine peaking thru.

Northeast side of Catalinas

I really do live in a wonderful place!

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