A perfect recovery meal!

Marinated mushrooms over sweet tater and a side a chicken

A great meal after a tough training ride or race, perfect for recovery. Button mushrooms over sweet taters with your choice of lean meat. Mushrooms are full of vitamin D for the bones and blood pressure and are immune boosting, too. Those sweet potatoes are low glycemic and high in folate, vitamin A (I see you better!) and vitamin C. They can aid in muscle recovery, help alleviate muscle cramps and fight free radicals (think less wrinkles!). Add in a lean meat for much needed protein for re-building those muscles. Of course, you can’t forget a hardy dark stout to go along…not only yummy but actually has a bit of added protein, magnesium and phosphorus! Saute baby bellas in a bit of avocado oil with garlic, onions and lemon. Add in some fresh basil, oregano and Dijon mustard. Paprika, a touch of red pepper flakes and salt/pepper to taste. Serve over some grilled sweet potatoes seasoned with a touch of pumpkin pie spice (don’t forget to leave the skin on! Its got the best nutrients!)  So Tasty! I’ll be ready for another hard day tomorrow!

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