I don’t think the heavy stuff will come down for quite some time!

O yes it will! HA!

Started out a beautiful, cooler, cloudy morning. Hitting Willow Springs sounds great. The Weather Channel says its raining, but its not…they’re never right anyway! …Or are they?!

We rode in from the start of the dirt road, just need to get those few extra miles in. Then onto the single track, 16.7 miles of fun single track. The plan was to do 2 laps, ride back out and then I would finish by riding home on pavement. Mid way thru lap 1, the skies are looking just a bit darker around us…but not over top us. Ok, maybe cut it to a lap and a half. There is a massive headwind on the entire back half of the course and a copious mess of sand has overtaken some of the trail. And I must say, the Arizona brush can be vicious when overgrown! Needless to say, it was taking longer than it should to finish this lap!

Once we are back to head out on our start of lap 2, the thunder begins to boom. Oh and a bit of a lightning show in the distance. Still no rain overhead, but everywhere you look there is rain coming down with thunder and lightning crashing.  We must be in the eye of it! I’m thinking we hightail it outta there before we get caught in a massive thunderstorm!


Speeding back out to road, there is wind and spectacular skies to entertain us while we pedal..hoping it all stays at bay, that we stay in this small pocket of dryness. Almost there and not wet yet. But oh, how we shouldn’t think such things. With less then five minutes back to the truck, the downpour hits. No, it doesn’t start with a sprinkle. It doesn’t just rudely spit at us. It is a torrent of rain. Big, fat, heavy drops coming down way faster than I can pedal! The thought ‘this might be hail’ even crosses my mind; but before I can spend too much time thinking about it, we roll up onto the truck.

We rush getting the bikes in so we can get outta the rain. I’m soaked. Head to toe. Soaked. And, uh, I’m actually cold. Yay for seat heaters! And maybe it’s finally fall!


And wouldn’t ya know it….as I sit here typing…the sun is shining!


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