Interbike 2012

Interbike:  Two full fun-filled, bike-knowledge-gaining, contact-making, never-off-my-feet days! Whew! I feel tired just saying that! To top it all off…I got USA Cycling approved upgrade email just before taking off to the convention!  I can officially call myself a Pro mountain biker…now I just need to prove I deserve the title!

This was my first trip to the big industry show, Kevin’s been a couple of times so I sorta relied on him for a get-it-all-in plan. We started out leaving Tucson at 6:10 am on Wednesday (I am amazed at how many people were actually waiting to fly out at this time of day), if I were to venture a guess, I would say that at least half of the people on our flight were heading to Interbike. Saw some familiar faces and a few new ones, too. Arriving at just after 7am in Las Vegas, we found a shuttle to the hotel and checked out bags. I might have waited just a bit long in booking a hotel room, missing the great deals that Interbike offered to attendees, I just needed something decently priced for the little time we would be spending there. Just so happened that hotel was on the other end of the strip. Yes, you can walk the entire strip; however, it is not a straight shot and the zig-zagging added on some distance.  After the 3 miles brisk walk to the Sands Convention Center, we were finally in line at will call for our passes. This was quick and well organized. Yay! We were official.

At first sight, Interbike is a bit overwhelming. There is sooo much to look at and so many cool new product out there, you really do need to have some kind of plan in hand. We sat near the entrance, opened a floor map and started marking our routes. Since we were right in the area, our first stops were some custom cyclery. Kevin really enjoyed this and there were some really skillfully and stylish bicycles here. Some cool ideas emerging.

The second thing I will say about the show is…every great rider you could want to meet is there! We met several and saw even more of the who’s-who in biking and so many of them are down to earth, really easy to talk to people. I mean, there is nothing like having a one-on-one conversation with Ned Overend! And whether or not he actually will, he expressed interest in follwoing my racing this next year…and I think he will..he’s just that kinda guy.

Ned Overend!

I also got to meet Rebecca Rusch, have a conversation over a beer while waiting for SRAM schwag giveaway! She is amazing! Just what a phenomenal athlete and role model for women in the sport.Gives me the extra shove to show my grit and determination to do whatever I put my mind to!

Rebecca Rusch

I also met up with Olympian and bronze medalist Georgia Gould for the second time since Nationals. I am so lucky! Even got to see her throw down on the foosball table at the Clif bar booth!

Georgia kickin’ some foosball butt!

Kevin and I made lots of contacts during out two day adventure thru biking. Selling myself and looking for sponsorship among all the celebrities and big business was tough at times, and so easy at others. Maybe just tells me who I really belong with.

I had a very promising talk with Champ-Sys and am excited to see where our next conversation leads!

I also am continuing a friendship with Mr. Bruce Dickman and ProGold Lubricants! I am stoked to be using their product!!

Lube it and go!

I am also enthusiastic about a few other prospects that showed some encouraging interest, I can’t wait to get involved with all of them! …could a new toy even be in my future?!?! Only time will tell.  Overall, I think that this trip to Interbike was a positive experience and a successful venture. I am eager for what comes next!….

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4 thoughts on “Interbike 2012

  1. MEME


  2. Pam Straziuso

    Congratulations on becoming a pro…one proud mama!

  3. Jackie Straziuso

    Wow! Good for you. I’ll be looking for more.

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