Enliven the Soul, One Gear at a Time.

IMG_2064   For years he has been trying to get me on board and for years I’ve been telling him he’s crazy. For years I’ve been telling everyone who rides a single speed they’re crazy. I was wrong. There I said it. Read it quick before it self destructs. 🙂
Feeling burned out and a bit unmotivated after another episode of lost Mojo; I was unexcited to think about racing or really even riding. I was in a vulnerable state and I finally let my dear husband wear me down. With my Fate Hardtail feeling unloved for the past few months combined with the fact that I didn’t want to spend any money, the decision to convert the Fate into a single speed came as a fairly obvious answer to some.
The group was out there for me this day. A quiet initiation into the single speed club. My expectations were not all that high when I left the house. Which maybe was a good thing…It turned out to be the most fun I’ve had on a bicycle in a long time! Who knew?! Oh Yeah, all you single speeders out their knew. 😉
It’s the shear simplicity of the whole experience. There’s no thinking. Just pedaling. No deciding what gear to be in to make it over this rock or up that hill. I just rode my bike. If I couldn’t get over something, I put my foot down and I figured out a new way to ride it. I felt like a kid peddling my bike as fast as I could go wherever it would take me. I wanted to yell out ‘weeeee!!’ through the entire ride. And it’s quiet. No banging thru gears or a chain slightly stuck between them. It’s not totally silent, but a relatively peaceful way to ride. I liked that… a lot. Then I had an epiphany: I could do more than I thought I could. I can micro-burst! I spun my little legs around those pedals as fast as they could go. I can mash! I pulled up on the bars with every muscle and all my might to climb over rocks and up big inclines. I chased those boys in front of me that day, some on gears and some not, and discovered a new love for my bike.
I don’t know that much about the gearing. I basically ride what my husband- who also happens to be my main mechanic- puts on there.  “You be aw-ite.” His standard way of telling me to quit thinking about it and just do it. 🙂 The engineer in him enjoys the mathematical aspect of figuring out what gear to use where. I don’t care much for the numbers, other than now knowing how my standard gear of choice measures up to those around me; but I am learning exactly what those gears mean in terms of how I ride. I am beginning to understand more of how to choose what gear is right for me depending upon where I may be riding.  It’s good to know these things. I know the gear I rode that first time out felt way too hard; today, that same gear, I know is just right for me here.

I am now going to say what I thought I would never say to anyone and I will now be one of those that some of you all call crazy…everyone should ride a single speed…at least once in a while. It’s a great bike to have in your fleet for when you just want to get on and ride away from it all. An awesome experience, especially if you’ve been riding for a while and need just a little change up…it will give you new and exciting motivation!

IMG_2065My first official race on my newly converted FrankenFate1 will be EpicRides Tour of the White Mountains in Show Low, AZ. I’ll be there representing as a GU athlete, so keep your eye out…I’m pretty excited to try something new, give it everything I got…and hopefully pick the right gear for the ride!SS SWP

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One thought on “Enliven the Soul, One Gear at a Time.

  1. Red

    I want one now.

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