I am an RN in a Tucson CVICU and I am a mountain biker. My goal is to figure out how to ride my mountain bike for a living! Over the last 6 years of trying to learn to ride a mountain bike seriously, I have quickly moved from oh-so-greenie to becoming a National Cat 1 Champion and yes, into a Pro license. Whoa!


Now…can I play with the big girls?! (photo courtesy of Mark Hawthorne)

Might just be wild and crazy enough!









After a ton of hard work, I have earned some awesome sponsors to help me along the way. I am super excited to have the best sports nutrition on market, GU in my corner! I love having Specialized on board! I have found remarkable backing from local physicians’ groups believing in my talent…thank you to Pulmonary Associates of Southern Arizona, thank you to Northern Arizona Gastroenterologists and thank you Forest Canyon Endoscopy & Surgery Center! I welcomed aboard Rainbow Signs, Arizona Power Yoga and Hawthorne Consulting…thrilled to be representing these fantastic people and their business’! I’ve also managed to snag an up and coming local brewery to help provide those well-deserved “recovery” beverages, Catalina Brewing Company! Of course, I am always ecstatic to continue a great relationship with the best bike shop in town- Oro Valley Bicycle! And how can I not give credit to my ever-patient, totally supportive husband?! Without his positive encouragement and support in my work to live a dream, I couldn’t do this!

It’s really been a great couple of years on the path to pro and beyond! With many accomplishments and a few blunders (doh!), I’ve had an absolute blast getting to ride my bike full time! I met so many people and saw some new, and pretty tough, race courses. I’m so darn blessed to ride a bike for these opportunities to ride my bike in life!

Specialized carbon Fate 29er, converted to SingleSpeed.

As part of my sponsorship from Northern Arizona Gastroenterologists and Forest Canyon, I am happy to find myself a spokes person for colon cancer awareness, something that hits close to home as you may see if you read further. I am spreading the word to get yourself checked and stay healthy! Are you 50 yet??

I have also taken on captaining the Oro Valley Bicycle mountain bike team-Team OVB. It has been a new learning experience and a riot putting events, parties and rosters together and getting to help design kits. Check the team out at TeamOVB.org!

Specialized Epic Carbon Expert 29er

Specialized Epic Carbon Expert 29er

My world consists of three bikes: An extra nimble, super light, fast flying Specialized Fate HardTail 29er, decked out with XTR components, which I have converted into a great singlespeed, the Specialized Epic Carbon Expert 29er, complete with bilateral brains and XTR components, and a carbon Specialized Ruby Pro road bike. I’m ready for whatever the trail or the road throws at me!

I’m on a journey around the sun, with two wheels and lots of heart…follow me, won’t you?!

See what I am up to next!

Winning on SS in an Open Class Marathon!

Winning on SS in an Open Class Marathon!

March Awareness Campaign

March Awareness Campaign

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